Keep Your Hands Naturally Clean with Our Hand Sanitizer Spray

 Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer


We had the ingredients, so we stepped up and created a unique recipe for fighting germs and conditioning skin with a natural hand sanitizer infused with our steam distilled organic oils and plant hydrosols. We turned our signature scent of citrus bergamot, warm cardamom spices, and palo santo wood notes into a hand cleansing spray!

 Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer


Now more than ever before, the world is more focused on self-hygiene, especially when it comes to washing hands and keeping germs from spreading. Because germs are invisible to see with our eyes, it can often be easy to have them on our hands and become infected from touching everyday items and surfaces while going about our daily activities. While soap and water are always the best options for cleaning our hands and washing away germs, when you don’t always have access to a sink, soap, or water hand cleansing sprays are the most important items you should have handy, always.


The most effective hand sanitizing sprays are alcohol-based. Alcohol is effective at killing various germs which include both bacteria and viruses. Chemical-based hand sanitizing sprays can often trigger irritation on the skin. Quickly clean and kill bacteria with our effective hand cleansing spray with 62% antiseptic alcohol and other active ingredients to protect you from germs on the go without sacrificing the texture and feel of your hands!


Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer 

About The Ingredients:

Organic Palo Santo Wood Oil and Hydrosol: We are ethically sourced with Palo Santo Wood from South America and distill it ourselves in our lab. Palo Santo has a beautiful citrus wood aroma and rich history in South America with the native Incas referring it to holy wood and containing powerful cleansing properties


Organic Bergamot Oil: This unique citrus fruit has a very uplifting aroma and is an antiseptic


Organic Cardamom Oil: Warm and rich notes, is also an anti inflammatory that flushes out toxins

Aloe Vera Gel- Soothing and moisturizing, contains antiseptic properties


Vitamin E- Helps counteract the drying effects of using alcohol

 Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer




  1. They sanitize your hands by killing germs to protect you from being infected and spreading infections.
  2. Hand sanitizing sprays are portable and easy to travel with (We have one in every bag and even in the car!) It makes staying clean easy!
  3. Convenient to use in groups or public settings.
  4. Hand sanitizing sprays instantly reduces your risks you’re exposed to. You can spray your hands and surfaces directly rather than wait to wash your hands with soap and water. (It helps it has a refreshing smell!)
  5. Our hand sanitizing sprays can improve texture with our steam distilled organic essential oils.

Suggested Use: Spray until hands are wet and rub thoroughly until dry. Don’t forget wrists and in between fingers!


 Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

 Herba Botanicals Organic Hand Sanitizer


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