Scenting Hidden Spaces


herba botanicals scented sachet

Are you one of those people who love scenting all spaces of your home and personal belongings? Who doesn't love opening a drawer full of fresh linens and smelling a beautiful fresh scent? We could all give our drawers some love and keep them smelling fresh!

Our eco-friendly ceramic bead sachets are perfect for adding a fresh scent to all spaces. Proven to be more effective and safer than plastic scented beads.

herba botanicals organic scented ceramic bead sachets

herba botanicals scented sachet

Here are some easy ways to use these cute sachets!
Easily tuck these pouches into the corners of your closet or hang to ward off musty orders.
Simply toss into your luggage when traveling so your clothes will stay fresh for longer.
Store in laundry baskets or hampers to help with used linens and clothes odor.
Throw under your car seat, it adds a discrete and fresh scent keeping your car smelling clean.
Place in long-term storage boxes for seasonal decor 
Not only do they smell good to keep your sweaters in storage, but they're also a natural bug and moth repellent!
Take out of the cotton bag and place in a wax melt to diffuse fragrance and scent your home.
Pro tip: Before you give them a home, massage the sachet so the fragrance oils will permeate the linen. Ahhh.
herba botanicals scented sachet
herba botanicals sachet
herba botanicals sachet

These beads give a strong scent throw and will last up to 6-8 months. When fragrance dissipates, add oils directly to ceramic beads to refreshen.

They have a variety of uses for many places around your home to help refreshen and provide a natural aroma to spaces!

herba botanicals sachet

Capture the natural aromas of herba botanicals with our selection of scented sachets. Inspired by our lifelong love of Palo Santo. Our sachets feature an intoxicating aroma that’s a fresh take on this unique wood fragrance.

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