Natural Reed Diffuser - herba botanicals
Natural Reed Diffuser - herba botanicals
Natural Reed Diffuser - herba botanicals
Natural Reed Diffuser - herba botanicals

Natural Reed Diffuser



We savour scents inspired by the many different regions from all around the world. We created an element of timelessness in our range of natural reed diffuser fragrances. This does the hard work for you, offering a subtle yet consistent scent in your home, eliminating the need to have to scent 'by hand'.

Our Signature Scent is an invigorating fragrant blend of citrus bergamot, warm cardamom spice and wooden scent of palo santo.

If you're obsessed with all things citrus, this is the scent for you. Clémentine is a refreshingly sweet mandarin citrus fruit with a touch of green floral, and warm neroli blossoms blended together. This scent is sure to become one of your warm weather favorites.

Terrain features oud and warm golden vetiver notes. 

Palo Santo an ancient wood home to South America adds a warm atmosphere with hints of citrus and pine top notes.

Magnolia Leaves is beautifully crafted with blossoming floral magnolia tree leaves, with a lightly powdered and wooded base notes from the southern hemisphere.

Our Fig Leaf elevates any space with green floral garden notes. Earthy base notes of moss and green leaves give off a crisp yet fresh impression with natural citrus fruit top notes. 

The reed diffuser is to be used with all 5 rattan sticks. Immerse the sticks in the bottle, if you prefer a lighter scent, use less. After some time the scent will fade (Typically 2 weeks) reverse the sticks for a better perception of the fragrance so the scent can organically “refresh” itself. Either proudly on display or nestled away, our reed diffusers emanate each one of our signature scents. Simply allow the perfume to soak and ascend the porous reed and you’re set. Choose a scent for each room or one for each season!

This product is a 4 oz size and should typically last anywhere between 4-6 months.

Please recycle.

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