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Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray



We had the ingredients, so we stepped up and created a unique recipe for fighting germs and conditioning skin. Made with our steam distilled fragrance oils and aromatic plant hydrosols.

Our Signature Scent is an invigorating fragrant blend of citrus bergamot, warm cardamom spice and wooden scent of palo santo.

While soap and water are always the best options for cleaning our hands and washing away germs, when you don’t always have access to a sink, soap, or water hand cleansing sprays are the most important items you should have handy, always. Quickly clean and kill bacteria with our effective hand cleansing spray with 62% antiseptic alcohol and other active ingredients to protect you from germs on the go without sacrificing the texture and feel of your hands!

2.7 oz

Suggested Use: Spray until hands are wet and rub thoroughly until dry. Don’t forget wrists and in between fingers!

Shake well before use as ingredients will naturally separate. Use only as directed.

This bottle is UV coated to protect any oils from damaging light.

Please recycle.

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