Amalfi Coast

Invigorating blend of freesia, lavender and lime. An inspired scent from the coast of Italy.

Coastal Pampas Grass

Features wild seagrass, sea salt, dry sage, marine ozone, earthy oak moss, natural driftwood blend.

Dessert Pine

Deep and rich pine with dry vetiver notes bursting with crisp lavender and violet water. 

Eucalyptus Indian Spice

Refreshing top notes of eucalyptus and warm cardamom spices with a hint of ginger.

Pacific Sea Moss

Features airy notes of sandalwood oak moss that drift into grounded notes of palo santo wood while naturally capturing the uplifting notes of Italian bergamot.

Signature Scent

Fragrant blend of citrus bergamot, layered with warm spices, and a unique blend of woods.

Tea Olive

Blend of golden apricot, soft jasmine and blooming tea olive notes. 


An essence of rich oud that radiates with crisp bergamot, vintage jasmine, granite accord, dry vetiver with woody santal notes.

Tuscan Garden

Inspired from the hills of Tuscany, home to the most beautiful gardens in the world. Plants from the Mediterranean region contribute effortlessly to the Tuscan style of rosemary sprigs, earthy sweet figs, olive trees, classic lavender, and a touch of green floral leaves.