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At herba, "we believe the plants are here to help us"

Bringing nature into our homes is how we live best in harmony and balance with the planet. We take pride in steam distilling all of our oils. We are small scale, "Artisan" distillers of essential oils, made from hand with collected plant materials. We are craftspeople that have personal and intimate relationships with nature to flourish. We practice ethical and sustainable methods creating our products. In the production of essential oils, we believe this is the only practical way to keep the integrity of the fresh plant, their healing potential, and the metaphorical "heartbeat" of the plant intact through the process. Something not achievable on an "Industrial scale." Though each batch may differ slightly in complexities of fragrance, we believe these small distillations using planet friendly and non destructive practices. Distilling yields of perfume and therapeutic ingredients of the highest quality versus mass production which is taking a growing toll on our health and wellbeing, and that of the planet.

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