washed linen scented incense

washed linen scented incense

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sacred rituals have been perfumed with incense for centuries. The flame consuming the incense, slowly, with smoke, draws whirling patterns towards the sky. The rising smoke becomes mysterious and fragrant.

10 natural fragrances are available, from classic florals to ancient woods, ready to enchant the atmosphere with its mystical smoke.

This delicate, cozy scent of washed linen will leave your home smelling fresh laundered. With soft notes of vanilla cashmere musk, black tea, amber, rosewood, ylang-ylang, layered with crisp bergamot and warm oud wood.

scent profile: vanilla, cashmere musk, black tea, amber, ylang-ylang, crisp bergamot, cedar wood, warm oud wood

20 incense sticks are included in each set. 

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